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Artist: Terje Winther

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I grew up in the aftermath of the hippies, loving equally hard rock, prog rock and classical music, eventually turning into synthesizer music of the 1970-ties. As many others, I went with Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Jean-Michel Jarre and the rest into the freeflowing spirit of space music. I am a twin personality; I have a traditional classical/modern education with a degree in composition and conducting, and I dig rock music in my heart. Today I write music for symphony orchestras and play music with analog synthesizers.

While I was younger I played the piano and bought a 4-track reel-to-reel machine, but already in my teens I bought my first moog synthesizer, the multimoog. Later on I bought the Yamaha DX7 Mk. II, and for many years that was pretty much my own gear. I did use a lot of famous gear borrowed from others, though, so I have a fairly good grasp of the synthesizer history.

In later years I have bought, build and repaired analog synthesizers, and I now use them a lot. I do concerts, make CDs and solder away as much as I can. Apart from some moogs, ARP, Roland, Yamaha et al, I have started building modular synthesizers. Together with friend Erik Stormer I have build a large dual-cabinet DIY modular, the Winther Stormer modular.

I am also fortunate enough to own a few original moog modular modules from 1969. I always felt there were some functionality missing, and I have finally been able to fullfill a dream and complete the system: The moog modules have been restored and augmented with some modules and one MOTM module, and everything is now given a brand new home inside a beautiful wooden cabinet. This system is now fully restored, fully functional and it really has an enormous sound. My music is pretty much based on the 'Berlin school' music, and the moog/ modular fits in perfectly, both in terms of sound and useability.

Terje Winther

Terje Winther live!

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