modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Box11 Systems Overview
Desktop Box11 cabinets can be stacked in endless configurations to build systems of any size. Unique side-panel designs connect cabinets in very interesting ways using simple plates and thumbscrews.

Multiples and power LEDs are built into the cabinet giving you more space for modules.

An internal power harness is included, just add a power supply (QPS4 or QPS5) and sides to suit your needs. Box11 can even be powered from Portable or Studio systems.

Each system includes power supply components and patch cables.


    Box11 Data Sheet (6-page PDF)


    Box11 Configuration Ideas


    Box11 Exploded Views

Box11 System Box11
This compact Box11 system is a complete 2-oscillator modular analog synthesizer including the famous Q150 Moog-style Ladder filter, MIDI interface, and two envelope generators.

Just supply a stream of MIDI data from a keyboard or computer and you're set.

This is a great starter system or add-on for an existing system.

Box11p System Box11p
Box11p provides the modules you need to process external signals from a guitar, bass or microphone.

Filter, clip, modulate and mangle as you see fit.

Box11s System Box11s
Box11s includes our Q960 Moog-style sequencer, Sequential Switch and Quantizer modules.

A perfect way to add analog sequencing to an existing synthesizer.

Can drive any synthesizer having pitch and gate input signals.

Box11s1 System Box11s1
Box11s1 includes our Q119 24-stage analog sequencer and Quantizer modules.

Unique features of the Q119 include up/down cycling, variable gate width, note gliding, and voltage adding for arpeggiation.

Add analog sequencing to virtually any existing synthesizer having MIDI or pitch and gate input signals.

Box22 System Box22
Box22 is a complete 3-oscillator patchable, analog synthesizer system.

Also includes a Q118 Instrument Interface to process external signals such as a guitar, microphone, etc.

Box22s System Box22s
Box22s is a dual-oscillator synthesizer combined with our Q960 Moog-Style sequencer.

This system can accept MIDI or pitch and gate input, and can send out pitch and gate signals to control other synthesizers.

Box33 System Box33
Box33 is a complete 3-oscillator synthesizer just like the Box22 with a Q960 Moog-style sequencer added.

Capable of accepting MIDI and pitch/gate signals from a MIDI keyboard or computer, and process external signals from a guitar or microphone.

Box44 System Box44
Box44 is a massive 6-oscillator synthesizer including a 24-stage sequencer. Complete with pedal and instrument interface for processing external signals.

Add a matching keyboard controller or drive the system with MIDI or control voltages from another source.

Box66 System Box66
Box66 is a 6-oscillator synthesizer just like Box44 but also includes a pair of Q960 sequencers.

Two pair of straight walnut sides and one pair of angled sides allow several types of configurations.

Add a matching keyboard controller or drive the system with MIDI or control voltages from another source.

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