modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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Welcome to the user file section. Please only upload music files created with systems, related photos, or patch images.

Enter a description, then click the Browse button to find the file on your system, then click the Upload button. The file will not be accessable until the contents are checked by our guard dog.

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Airfoil-BachConcerto(BWV1052).mp37.7MBach Concerto in Dm (BWV 1052)- Adaptation for Harpsichord, Modular, Hammond C3 and Drums. This piece shows the ability of of being a true musical instrument. It sits well next to fully acoustical instruments like harpsichord and drums in a traditional musical presentation. For this recording, conducted in a church, the modular was recorded with Neumann microphones while being played through a Motion Sound KP-200S, SL-200S slave unit and a SW-15 subwoofer. The modular is found mostly in the right panning, playing the cello and viola parts from this piece.
ALittleTraingCruise(bridgeconsolefx).mp32MFun with sound FX - H.I.T.A. (Helm Interface-Terminal Audiotronics) sound effects demo for a starship bridge. This is a multi-track recording, with over a dozen seperate patches, which were all done 'on the fly'. No patch nomenclature was produced for the various sounds.
bensys.jpg96KJust a quick note to say thank you for the superb equipment and service you provided. The double sequencer and other modules are fantastic. Everything was delivered in perfect condition, the build quality is superb - each pot glides nicely and consistantly, which my Moog doesn't do!
CArrickSYinternetartistsjohn_mitchellnewBFLMP3.mp31.2MFrom Konkuro: As a "musical Christmas greeting" for you and Margo, here is my latest demo. I chose Bach's "Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light" because it isn't so heavily identified with Christmas that it can't be heard all year round. I'm not entirely happy with this piece and still have a lot to learn about digital recording. I'm also concerned about how it will sound. Because I live attached to other units, I can only record using headphones. This piece is richly balanced in my Sennheiser HD590 headphones, but sounds kind of funky on speakers (at least on mine), so I hope it sounds OK. Although you and I have had a bout or two, I remain a loyal supporter and still believe you offer the best synthesizer value out there. People are always curious about demos, so I hope you will add this to your site and hopefully it will generate a bit of interest and maybe even a sale. If you do choose to post it, perhaps you would be so kind as to announce it on AH. Here are the stats: "Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light" >From the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach Arranged by John Mitchell (konkuro) from the choral Realized exclusively on the modular analog synthesizer and the Korg D8 digital recorder No MIDI sequencers were used in this recording I hope your whole family has the best Christmas ever and that you will have a banner business year!
Dsc01219.jpg1.4Mhorchata's modular
dubmelody.MP31MTrippy Q119 sequenced melody w/ echo (Line 6 Echo Pro). Some manual fading - but primarily patch controlled muting of selected steps. Thanks - Adam Scramstad
OhYeah.jpg101KPatch for "Oh Yeah" and "Yeah"
OhYeahYeah.mp330K"Oh Yeah" and "Yeah" [vocal sound]
OneTakes-FunwithSequencers(a).mp31.5MThis sequencer patch was recorded during an exploratory patching session for another project. A written record of the patch was not made due to the time factor and complexity. It is a stereo patch, meaning that there are unique qualities to the left and right channels of the stereo of the patch. The basic sounds are from 5 oscillators and 2 State Variable Filters, each of which had unique modulation characteristics. The sequencer patching was dynamic, to say the least. It was recorded in a single pass (no overdubs), with moderate synchronized delay effects, and some compression. The cool aspect of this 'sequence', is to try to predict the repeats- just when you think you've got it... it changes.
pan_machine.MP31MColerful melodic "wash" of sound - using the Q119 sequencer & a Blacet Time Machine analog delay together - clock controlled panning. Thanks - Adam Scramstad
pseudo-echo-resonant-bass.mp31.5MOne oscillator thru Q107 Lowpass. One slow oscillator hardsynced to gate to create pseudoechoeffect by clocking an envelope that controls cutoff on filter. One more envelope controlling the amount of envelope1 control over filter cutoff thru a VCA. One sample and hold provides a change in resonance on the filter and thru signal processor acts as on/off switch for echo via slew limiter. The slew limiter acts as a release envelope for a main VCA Niklas Winde
Q201.mp31.7Mmodules used: 3xQ106oscillator, Q108amplifier, 2xQ130rectifier(timbre modulation), Q113mixer, Q125signal processor, 3xQ107filter(resonant voices) no midi, no ext processing, no fx. one take rec. .girts
yeahyeahyeah.mp369KVocal sound saying 'yeah yeah yeah' using 2 oscillators and one Q107 filter and a Q147 distributor to send envelopes around. Roger.