modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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The Customer Collection
Mark's System 3/2003

Ben's System 2/2003

Ruud Heij's System 9/2002

Rich DiPaolo's Portable System 1/2005

John Lucyshyn's '60 C3 and .com Modular 9/2002

Best of two worlds: organic and analog from Josť Sogo Flores 5/2002

Bernie's giant system and friends 3/2002

Marcel Engels at work

Tom Hale's 22-space system with sequencer

David Skinner's system

Jon S's system in custom cabinet

Scott Gibbons doing his stuff on stage

Kelly Control Voltage studio

Moog and modules living together


MOK - Meeting of the Knobs - June 22
See the MOK1 Page



The Purple Synthesizer - Sept 2002
Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4


The John Mitchell Collection
John Mitchell's System

John's system


The Eric Melzer Collection
Eric Melzer

Eric Melzer system


The Eric Norlander Collection
Erik Norlander's Moog with Sequencers

Erik Norlander

Erik's giant .com and moog system after converting to QCR8 rack frames


The Guido Collection
Guido's System 3/2002

Guido's System 3/2002

Guido's Studio w/Moog and .com 4/2003

Guido's System 4/2003


The Morbius Collection
Morbius's synth in test

Morbius with Synthesizer

Initial configuration

Patchcord jungle

Module map

Latest configuration

Full frontal Synthesizer

Top view


The Scott Pfeifer Collection
Explaination of special modules

Full Frontal Modular

Evan making the crowd scream


The Adam Collection
Roger with Adam's system 2/21/2002

Adam's 44-space system still in box

Top off


Removed from box


Patching away


The Company Collection
Some of the staff

Panels after silk screening

Panel paint finish up close

PC Boards in production

Oscillators in production

Automated plasma cutter

Linux web server and T1 line


The Artsy Collection
Large artsy synth with 3 cabinets

Patch cables up close

Artsy up close oscillator

'No Digital' Logo


The Bizarre Collection
Mayan Synth Player

Mayan Banana Jack Cult


The Design Collection
Heart-looking waveform on oscilloscope during prototype testing 2000.

Q150 Ladder Filter prototype with resonance on oscilloscope

One of the first portable systems

1998 Prototype Synthesizer

Reverb prototype 1999

First studio cabinet prototype 1998

Test/Calibration bench


The Fantasy Collection
So Many Knobs... So Many Canyons

Trigger Sequencer from Joe

Matrix Mixer/Audio Interface from John

LFO Fantasy module from a customer

Synthesizer on Mars

Oscillator Bank

Wide Sequencer

Quad Bandpass filter by David S.

Multi-Mod by David S.

Rich's matrix mixer

John's custom multiple module for normalization

The 'Sage' hoax


The Product Collection
66-module system with keyboard controller

Panel Drawings with dimensions

Q105 Mod for improved tracking for pre 10/2000 Slew Limiters

Q106crs calibrated range switch mod for Q106 Oscillator

Rear of Q107 Filter Module

Q119 Sequencer Large Image

QCB cabinet stacking brackets on Roger's system

22-module Portable System

Portable Cabinet up close

QDH20 Cable Harness for 20 cables

QIC Inter-Cabinet cables in use

QKB Keyboard controller stacking brackets

Large Portable system with keyboard controller

24-space rack mount system

Rear of studio cabinet


The Interesting Collection
Moog 911 Envelope Generator Internals


The Roger Collection
Roger's home system

Roger's home system (side view)

Roger's Home system side view showing stacking brackets

Roger in his spare time

Roger 2/2002

Roger at the command control center 2/2002

Roger in 1978

Roger and his Moog 55 with sequencer b 3/2003

Roger and Stone Willow Lori (retired racing greyhound)

Roger and Margo 1/2002


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