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About offers the most complete selection of Moog-Unit format analog modular synthesizers on Earth. Our efficient direct-sales model has a 16-year track record of delivering quality products and top-notch customer service. Select from our pre-configured systems and controllers, or design your own with our cabinets and modules. Our systems interface with all other synthesizers. The possibilities are endless and the sound is amazing. Products are designed and built in Texas, and most are in stock, so get a quote now. It's easy to explore and learn here so start clicking! Join us on FaceBook and check out our Tutorials and Catalog.

New Products and News

New Artist - Plex Barnhart

Plex Barnhart has 30 years of experience as a player and programmer with artists including Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon and many others. Plex recently added a Studio 66 and Expansion systems to his Moog arsenal.
Q173 Gate Math divide multiply Module

Q173 Gate Math

The Q173 Gate Math module is gate divider and multiplier that can also produce random gates, gate sequences and other unique functions. Four programmable outputs and CV control of configurations. This is not your grandad's gate divider! See more...
Moog Modular Expansion Systems

Moog Expansion Systems

Expand your portable Moog 15 or studio 35/55 system with these add-on cabinets. Sequencers, MIDI interface, oscillators, filters, patch cables and other goodies to make your system complete. Visit the new Moog Menu.
Modular Synthesizer puzzle

Modular Synthesizer Puzzle

You'll have a blast with this 300 piece puzzle. A giant modular synth all patched up. Worthy of framing and hanging in your studio. 16" x 20". Get'em while they last
Q191 Analog Clock Gift

Q191 Analog Clock

The Q191 Analog Clock makes a great gift. Hang it on the wall or mount it in your system.
Q167 LFO++ Low Frequency Oscillator with EG

Q167 LFO++

The Q167 LFO++ module is a fancy LFO with a built-in envelope generator to create growing or decaying modulations. Both amplitude and frequency modulation along with unique wave shaping. The Q167 can be used as an audio oscillator too. See more...
Q182-RP20 Ribbon Controller

Q182-RP20 Ribbon Controller

The RP20 is a position and pressure-sensitive ribbon controller capable of replacing or augmenting a traditional keyboard in an analog synthesizer system. The RP20 can be held like a guitar, played from the desktop, or mounted to our modular keyboard controllers above or below the keys. See more...

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