modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q106CRS Calibrated Range Switch

The Q106CRS increases the accuracy of the Range switch on the Q106 Oscillator from 1% to .1%. Helpful when you want to change octaves without requiring fine frequency adjustment. The modification includes adding the Q106CRS circuit board between the Range switch and the Q106 circuit board, and the removal of a resistor on the Q106 circuit board. Requires soldering.

Installation is free when ordered with a Q106 Oscillator.
For existing customers installation is also free but customer must pay shipping charges both ways.

$25.00 US.

Some have asked why the CRS is not a standard feature on Q106 Oscillators. The answer is that it adds cost to the system, and since one of the primary goals of is to make modular synthesis affordable to as many people as possible, it's offered as an option. So, if you feel like your oscillators MUST have precise range switching, this feature is there for you. And for those that need to save a few bucks, I'm glad to offer you that option.