modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q117  Sample and Hold

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The Q117 Sample and Hold module is used to capture a signal's voltage level and hold it. The sampling can be triggered by an external signal such as an oscillator, by the internal oscillator, or manually. An LED indicates when a sample is being taken.

Interesting effects can be created by sampling a noise waveform and using the result to control an oscillator, filter, or clipper.

Controls and Connectors

    Input Level Control
      Allows attenuation of the input signal.
    Sample Rate
      Sets the rate of the internal sample oscillator.
    Internal/External Switch
      Selects a sample gate from the internal oscillator or an external source.
    Sample LED
      Indicates that a sample gate is present. When the LED comes on, the input voltage will be captured.
    Gate Connector
      External gate signal input. Active high threshold of 1.5 volts. Must be in External mode. The input signal is latched on the rising edge of the gate signal.
    Manual Button
      Allows manual creation of a gate signal. Must be in External mode.
    Input Connector
      Signal to be sampled (latched).
    Output Connector
      The sampled signal. This is the value of the input signal when the gate was released.
Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
Signal Levels:  10V PP maximum
Internal Oscillator:  .5 to 25hz
Power:  +15V@30ma, -15V@30ma, +5V@10ma.

$92.00 US.

Bill Wrote: I just wanted to let you know I received and installed the Q117 S+H module that I purchased recently. It is excellent! I am super happy with it. I look forward to adding addt'l modules to my rack.



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