modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q124  Multiples

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The Q124 Multiples module provides the additional connection points that are sometimes necessary when one signal must control several different modules. Three groups of 4 jacks are available with 2 groups capable of being connected together creating an 8-jack group. Connectors are wired together, not mixed.

Controls and Connectors

      Three groups of 4 jacks - each connected together (not mixed).

    Connect Switch

      Connects the top group and middle group to form an 8-jack group.
Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
Power:  None.

$58.00 US.

Nate Wrote: The 'connect' switch on the multiple panel is a great feature, especially when using it to distribute keyboard pitch and gate signals.

Usage and Patch Tips
Use when a signal must be delivered to several different places. One example of use is to route the pitch signal from the keyboard controller to several oscillators and to route the gate signal to several envelope generators. In this case, use the top section for the pitch signal and turn on the 'connect' switch if you need to patch it to more than 3 other modules. Patch the gate into the bottom section, then patch to envelope generators and sequencers.

Several Q124 modules can be patched together to construct a large multiple.

Do not connect more than one output signal to a section at a time. The Q124 cannot be used to combine (mix) signals - use a mixer for that function.

End of Product Information