modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q127  Fixed Filter Bank

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The Q127 fixed filter bank contains 12 bandpass filters, a highpass filter and a lowpass filter used to attenuate frequencies throughout the audio range. Filter frequency values are fixed and spaced at 1/2 octave intervals. A bypass switch allows quick removal of filtering.

Controls and Connectors

    Band Amplitude Controls
      Adjust the amplitude for each band.
    Bypass Switch
      Selects filtered or unfiltered output.
    Input Connector
      Input signal.
    Output Connector
      The filtered output signal

Panel Size:  Quad width 8.5"w x 8.75"h.
Bandpass stage slope: -12dB per octave.
Lowpass and highpass slope: -24dB per octave.
Input/Output Voltage Levels: 10V PP.
Bleedthrough: -66dB
Power:  +15V@120ma, -15V@120ma.

$315.00 US.

Use the Q140 Filter Bank Aid to access the output of each filter.

Rob Wrote: Just like to say the fixed filter bank has exceeded my expectations ... incredible value for money (As usual). Can't get enough of it... and most musical as you bring each band in octave steps. Yum.

Ruud Wrote: I'm most impressed by the filterbank, in how it sounds and how it responds. The other new modules like the Standards and Distributor are excellent as well. Again hats off to you and your personell (please give them my regards)!

Kelly Wrote: I'm enjoying the Q127. It really adds a dimension of possibility no synth should leave the shop without.

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