modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q128  Switch

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The Q128 Switch Module allows a signal to control two SPDT (single pole double throw) electronic analog switches.  This configuration actually makes a DPDT switch (double pole double throw).  These switches can be used to switch between patches during a sound, oscillate between two different filter settings, switch between left and right outputs, etc.  An LED indicator shows the status of the switch and a pushbutton allows manual operation.

Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
Input Signal Range: 10V PP, DC to 20khz
Off Isolation: -54dB (-66dB in series)
Control Frequency: 1khz maximum
Control Switching Threshold: 3V
Power:  +15V@2ma, -15V@2ma, +5@10ma.

$80.00 US.


A low control input (~0 volts) sets the switches to the B position (LED on).
A high control input (~ 5 volts) (or no input) sets the switches to the A position.



Usage and Patch Tips

The Q128 contains 2 single pole double throw switches which are controlled together making a double pole double throw switch. The most common use of the switch is to route signals to various places under control of an oscillator. A simple On-Off function can also be performed by ignoring the B connector. Control of the switch can come from any voltage source including an oscillator, Keyboard Gate, sequencer, etc.

Crossing Two Signals
Two signals can be crossed by patching them into the common connectors, then criss-crossing A and B signals, then taking one output from A and one from B. When switched, the 2 signals will be crossed.

    Patch Details:
    Input #1 to Section 1, Common
    Input #2 to Section 2, Common
    Section 1, A ---->  Section 2, B
    Section 1, B ---->  Section 2, A
    Output #1 from Section 1, A
    Output #2 from Section 1, B
Increasing Isolation
Electronic switches aren't perfect and when they're OFF they let through a very small amount of signal (20mv from a 10v PP input). Usually this isn't a problem, but if your patch requires more OFF isolation, connect the 2 switches in series which will reduce the 20mv signal to 5mv.

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