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Q179 Envelope++

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Q179 Envelope++ Module

The Q179 Envelope++ module is a full-featured voltage-controlled envelope generator with many unique features including bizarre curves, a VCA and looping. Special modes offer dual-envelopes and 4-step sequencing. The Q179 can also be used as an LFO, gate divider, gate delay, arpeggiator, quantizer, random source, and more.

The envelope mode provides voltage-control of Attack, Decay, Release phases along with amplitude. Special features include control of initial Delay and Attack peak holding, along with linear, exponential and log curves.

Voltage control of slopes and amplitude is designed specifically to make using velocity signals from a keyboard intuitive and musically expressive. Press a key fast to produce a faster attack and higher amplitude. Use off-velocity from the Q174 MIDI Interface to control the release time according to how fast you release a key. The Q179 Envelope++ is made for musicians and their music.

Positive and inverted outputs makes it easy to send the output to a VCA and VCF without using a multiple and the THRU makes daisy-chaining simple. A multi-colored LED provides indication of the current state.

Envelope looping occurs automatically when a gate plug is not inserted, or controlled by a gate in GL mode (Gated Looping). When looping, outputs can be used as a multi-segment LFO with VC of speed, slopes and amplitude, and a variable pulse-width is available at the THRU output.

The dual-envelope mode creates an attack/sustain/decay envelope at the +OUTPUT and a separate delay/attack/hold/decay envelope at the -OUTPUT. These envelopes can loop automatically or by gate control. The THRU output operates as a voltage-controlled gate delay and gate extender.

The Q179 Envelope++ also offers a 4-step sequencer mode, complete with an internal clock and quantized outputs. Forward, up/down and random sequences are available. Works great as a keyboard arpeggiator, or stack multiple modules for longer sequences.

$256.00 USD
  • PJ Wrote: A fancy EG and dual EGs and a sequencer in one package? With a quantizer and gate delay too? Ummm, I'll take 4!
  • MO Wrote: This will change my approach to a lot of patches. Just mind boggling.

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Shipments begin Feb 1, 2017.

Two Q179 Envelope++ modules
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Q179 Envelope++, Q173 Gate Math, Q167 LFO++
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  • MB Wrote: GAME CHANGER!!!! I don't say that phrase ever unless it's really warranted.
  • BB Wrote: Everyone in their right mind with a Moog format modular will want one or more of these!

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