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 Q962  Sequential Switch

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The Q962 Sequential Switch provides the functionality of a Moog 962 which includes converting the Q960 Sequential Controller to a full 24 stages by alternately selecting one of three rows. The Q962 can also be used as a general purpose latch, shifter, and signal selector among other logic functions.

Stages can be selected with a manual push-button, a trigger input, or with the shift input. A lamp and trigger output is activated when a stage is On. A signal selector section switches one of 3 input signals to a common output determined by which stage is selected. This 3-to-1 switch can also be used in the reverse direction, as a 1-to-3 switch.

Learn About Gates and Triggers Here

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Controls and Connectors

    Trigger Inputs
      A trigger (Gate) input signal to one of these jacks selects the appropriate stage.
    Trigger Outputs
      A trigger (Gate) output signal is provided when the appropriate stage is selected.
      Shows which stage is selected.
    Trigger Input Buttons
      Allows manual selection of each stage.
    Shift Input
      A trigger (Gate) at this input advances the selected stage. Shifting is either 2-stage or 3-stage depending on if a plug is inserted into signal input #3. If there is no plug inserted into signal input #3, shifting will occur between stages 1 and 2 only. If there is a plug inserted into signal input #3, shifting will occur between all three stages. Stage 3 can be selected by a trigger input or a manual button even if a plug is not inserted into signal input #3.
    Signal Inputs
      These are the inputs to the 3-to-1 (or 1-to-3) signal switch One of the inputs are routed to the output depending on which stage is selected. Signals can go both directions. When a plug is inserted into input #3, shifting will occur between stages 1 and 2 only, otherwise between all three stages.
    Signal Outputs
      The selected input signal is presented at both output jacks. This can also be used as an input if you are using the switching section as a 1-to-3 switch.

Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
Trigger Input Thresholds: 1.5V
Trigger Input Levels: -15V to +15V
Trigger Output Levels: 5V
Power:  +15V@40ma, -15V@1ma, +5V@1ma.

$160.00 US.

Usage and Patch Tips

The Q962 is basically a 3-stage sequencer with a 3-to-1 signal switch.

The Q962 will operate as a 2-stage shifter unless a plug is inserted into signal input #3 which converts the module into 3-stage operation.

The primary function of the Q962 is to select the rows of a Q960 sequential controller to emulate a 24-stage sequencer. This is accomplished by patching a trigger output from the Q960 to the shift input on the Q962. Then each of the 3 rows on the Q960 are patched into the 3 signal inputs on the Q962. The signal output on the Q962 now becomes the 24-stage voltage output. See Patch image.

Unlike the Moog 962, the Q962's signal switch section can operate in both directions. This allows one signal to be directed to 3 different places.

Single/Double Shift Jumper

A 3-pin connector on the circuit board is jumpered at the factory for Single-Shift operation: every shift signal generates a shift of stages. Move this jumper to the other position (or add a switch) to invoke Double-Shift mode which requires 2 signals to generate a shift of stages.

End of Product Information