modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Studio Systems Overview
Studio systems are built with solid walnut cabinets to provide a great looking system to go along with that unbeatable analog sound. We offer a wide range of pre-configured systems to meet a variety of sound requirements, budgets, and spaces. Don't let these configurations limit your imagination - customization is easy by adding or replacing modules and accessories as you see fit. And just because they look like they belong with elegant furniture doesn't mean you can't take them to live events.

Each system includes power supply components and patch cables. Some of the pictures below show optional equipment so see the individual system page for details.

There's nothing like pure analog sound, so toss those plastic systems collecting dust in your studio and get ready for a ride!

Studio System Studio-22
The Studio-22 system offers a complete 3-oscillator analog machine along with a state-variable filter, 2 envelope generators, 2 amplifiers, ring modulator, MIDI interface, and more. Expand by adding another cabinet on top, or by stacking it on top of a tilted 44-space cabinet.

Studio System Studio-44
The Studio-44 system offers 6 oscillators and an excellent array of utility modules, plus the Q118 Instrument interface to process external sounds, Q142 Pedal interface, and the list goes on. Expansion is easy by simply adding cabinets.

Studio System Studio-66
The Studio-66 system is our most sought-after configuration - complete with 7 oscillators and features of our Studio-44 system, but with added 24-stage analog sequencing, fixed filter bank, reverb, and more. A matching 5-octave keyboard controller, keyboard garage, and a healthy supply of patch cables are included. Once you get hooked on the analog sound and the freedom of patching wherever you want, there's no going back.

Studio System Studio-88
The Studio-88 system starts with a 44-space base cabinet providing 6 oscillators and associated utility modules. The middle cabinet offers our 24-stage analog sequencer, fixed filter bank, reverb, and additional utility modules. The top cabinet provides dual Moog-style Q960 sequencers, each with a sequential switch, sequencer interface, and trigger bus modules. A matching 5-octave keyboard controller, keyboard garage and patch cables are also included.

Studio System Studio-110
The Studio-110 is our largest pre-configured Studio system. The 6 oscillator base cabinet is topped by a 22-space cabinet, then an inverted 44-space cabinet, then a special crown piece. The system includes our 24-stage Q119 sequencer, plus 2 Moog-Style Q960 8-stage sequencers, sequential switches, and interfaces. The top row contains a complete 3 oscillator synthesizer with dual filters. A 5-octave keyboard controller, keyboard garage, foot pedals and patch cables finish out this incredible machine. You will not exhaust the possibilities of this system.

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