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Box11 Cabinets

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Box11 cabinets have strong metal frame with wooden sides. Box11 cabinets can be stacked and connected together in endless using two unique side profiles to build systems of any size. Each Box11 cabinet includes an internal power harness and multiples.

Box11 66-space cabinet
  • AB Wrote: I received my Box11 system yesterday and have to say that I'm blown away with the quality of design, workmanship and great packaging.

QCB11 - Box11 Frame

The Box11 frame is the basic building block of Box11 cabinetry. It provides a metal enclosure for 11 module spaces and includes an 11-cable internal DC power harness, power LED board, dual 4-jack multiple and 2 side brackets.

DC power input uses our standard 6-pin circular DIN connector, so it can be powered from any Studio or Portable cabinet using a QIC cabinet interconnect cable, or with a QPS4 or QPS5 desktop power supply.

The back side of Box11 cabinets has mounting holes for a Q115 Reverb tank and a QPS5 power supply.

Module mounting screws are included.

Box11 cabinet
  • Spaces:  1 row of 11 spaces
  • Dimensions:  23-3/8"w x 3-1/4"d x 10-1/8"h
  • Space behind module panel:  3"
  • Weight empty:  3.6#
  • AL Wrote: I love the traditional Moog modular look but Box11 is way more functional for me. I like the way it looks too.
to the top QCB11 Box11 Frame w/brackets and Power Harness: $150.00 USD

Typical power components needed for this cabinet are:
1) QPS4 Power supply for stand-alone operation
1) QIC Power cable to share power from another cabinet

QCB11-SA-W - Box11 Angled Sides, Walnut

These angled side panels have a unique shape providing many orientation and stacking options for the Box11 frame. Stand your system up or lay it down. Stack with other angled sides or with straight sides. Threaded inserts provide mounting points for plates to join sides together in unlimited ways. Made from solid walnut and stained to match Studio Cabinets. Wood screws included.

Box11 Sides Angled
  • Dimensions:  .75" thick, x 8-5/8" deep, 15-3/8" width
  • Weight (pair):  4#
  • Y Wrote: The woodwork is great and every penny I paid is really worth it. Made me a very happy customer and that I will certainly purchase other products from you.
to the top QCB11-SA-W (pair): $125.00 USD

QCB11-SS-W - Box11 Straight Sides, Walnut

Straight sides can work alone with one or multiple Box11 frames, or in conjunction with angled sides. The special shape allows an amazing amount of configurations. Threaded inserts provide mounting points for plates to join sides together in unlimited ways. Made from solid walnut and stained to match Studio Cabinets. Wood screws included.

Box11 Sides Straight
  • Dimensions:  .75" thick, x 5" deep, 12-1/4" width
  • Weight (pair):  2#
to the top QCB11-SS-W (pair): $85.00 USD

QCB11-DS-F - Box11 Dual Sides, MDF

These dual sides are made of MDF to provide a cost-effective alternative to Walnut. MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard. It's pressed wood particles and resin. MDF is very straight and has good strength. These sides are the same shape as a pair of straight sides and a pair of angled sides put together. Can be used in two different orientations. Mount to two Box11 frames for 22-spaces total, or use the connecting bracket (see below) with four Box11 frames for 44-spaces total. Screws included. Unfinished - sand and paint as you wish.

Box11 Dual MDF sides Box11 Dual MDF sides
  • Weight (pair):  5#
to the top QCB11-DS-F (pair): $35.00 USD

QCB11-PL Box11 Stacking Plates

Stacking plates use thumbscrews to easily connect angled and straight sides together in amazing and new ways. Each package includes 2 plates and 8 thumbscrews.

Box11 Stacking Plates
to the top QCB11-PL (pair): $24.00 USD

QCB11-LB Box11 L-Brackets

L-Brackets let you connect your system to a table top or to the wall. Each package includes 2 brackets and 8 wood screws.

Box11 L-Brackets
to the top QCB11-LB (pair): $24.00 USD

QCB11-CB Box11 Connecting Bracket

If stacking vertically wasn't enough, use this bracket to connect Box11 frames to create a 22-space frame. Now envision stacking multiple side-by-side frames vertically for a whole new set of configuration options. Side-by-side systems also fit perfectly on top of Studio 22 and Studio 44 cabinets.

Box11 Connecting Bracket
  • MS Wrote: I just got the Box11 connector bracket to connect 2 horizontally and they look great! There's so many ways to configure these.
to the top QCB11-CB: $28.00 USD

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