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Box-11s1 Sequencing System

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The Box-11s1 configuration includes our powerful Q119 24-Stage Analog Sequencer. Add analog sequencing to virtually any existing synthesizer having MIDI or pitch and gate input signals. Unique features of the Q119 include up/down cycling, variable gate width, note gliding, and voltage adding for arpeggiation.

Also included is our Q171 Quantizer bank which makes setting exact notes easy and fun. And the Q172 Quantizer Aid produces MIDI output to drive virtually any external synthesizer.

Expand this system easily by adding more cabinets and modules.

Add a controller bundle or drive the system with MIDI.

Synthesizer System
patch cables included
rotate left rotate right
$1,404.00 USD
1) Q119 Sequencer
1) Q131 Blank-Single
1) Q171 Quantizer Bank
1) Q172 Quantizer Aid

1) QCB11 Box11 Cabinet 11 Space
1) QCB11SAW Sides, Angled, Walnut for Box11, pair

1) QPS4 Power Supply for Box11

Patch Cables and Accessories
6) QP4MM12 Patch Cable, 12" 1/4" M-M, Brn
4) QP4MM24 Patch Cable, 24" 1/4" M-M, Red
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Pick a pre-configured controller bundle to complete your system:

Controller Bundles

This system has a blank panel which can be replaced with a single-space module. Consider these:

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