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Box11 Systems

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We offer several pre-configured Box11 systems to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Box11 cabinets can be stacked in endless configurations with our unique side-panel designs.

Pre-configured systems can be expanded by adding more cabinets and modules. If you don't see exactly what you want, create your own by selecting products individually.

Each system includes power supply components and patch cables. Add a pre-configured controller bundle for the ultimate experience.

Thought Box TB22 System

Thought Box TB22++

The Thought Box TB22++ is a 22-space synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a Q960 Moog-style sequencer, and an incredible array of modules in a rugged, fold-able, patch-and-go cabinet. TB22++ includes a power supply, a generous complement of color-coded, low-profile patch cables, and a protective case. Yes, you can close the system without removing your patch.

Thought Box TB11 System

Thought Box TB11

Thought Box is a synthesizer with a special selection of modules for creating analog sounds and also for creating experimental sequences and patterns. The possibilities are endless and expansion is easy.

Box11 System


Box-11 is a compact, single-cabinet system with two oscillators, two envelope generators, MIDI interface, and the famous Q150 Moog-style Ladder filter.

This is a great starter system or add-on for an existing system.

Box22 System


Box-22 is a complete dual-cabinet, three-oscillator analog synthesizer system. Envelope generators, a filter, MIDI interface and an Instrument Interface.

This is a great analog synthesizer for playing with a keyboard, a computer, or for processing external sounds.

Box22s System


Box-22s is a dual-oscillator synthesizer combined with our Q960 Moog-Style sequencer.

This system can be played from a keyboard controller or through a computer via MIDI. The sequencer can drive the included modules or drive another synthesizer using pitch and gate signals.

Box33 System


Box-33 is a complete three-oscillator synthesizer just like the Box-22 with a Q960 Moog-style sequencer added.

Capable of accepting MIDI and pitch/gate signals from a keyboard or computer. Can also be used to process external signals from a guitar or microphone.

Box44 System


Box-44 is a massive six-oscillator full-featured synthesizer including our Q119 24-stage sequencer.

Add a matching keyboard controller or drive the system with MIDI or control voltages from another source.

Box66 System


Box-66 is a six-oscillator synthesizer just like Box-44 but also includes a pair of Q960 Moog-style sequencers.

Can be setup in several types of configurations.

Add a matching keyboard controller or drive the system with MIDI or control voltages from another source.

Box11p System


Box-11p provides modules to process external signals from a guitar, bass or microphone. Or use it as a one-oscillator synthesizer voice.

Filter, clip, modulate and mangle as you see fit.

Box11s System


Box-11s includes our Q960 Moog-style sequencer, Sequential Switch and Quantizer modules. A perfect way to add analog sequencing to an existing synthesizer.

Box-11s can drive any synthesizer having pitch and gate input signals.

Box11s1 System


Box-11s1 includes our Q119 24-stage analog sequencer and Quantizer modules.

Great for adding analog sequencing to an existing synthesizer using MIDI or pitch and gate signals.

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