From: "konkuro"
Date: Thu Jul 4, 2002 11:48 pm
Subject: Mayans Had Synthesizers


MAYANS HAD SYNTHESIZERS Owner Makes Shocking Revelation

Chupalingua Mexico, July 4, 2002 - owner David Skinner today announced proof that the Mayan Indians had synthesizers and knew how to use them.

"It came as no surprise to me," Skinner said. "I always felt the Mayans were an advanced civilization and went to Mexico on a secret mission to prove just how advanced they were."

Disguised as a common tourist, the clever synthesist slipped into a hitherto unknown chamber of The Great Pyramid of Chupalingua while the rest of the party snacked on chicharrones and frolicked naked on a nearby beach.

"The secret chamber was revealed to me in a dream," Skinner confessed, "I knew exactly where to head, so I snuck into the room and snapped a picture faster than you can say `Doepfer MIDI Spezialgeräte'. The tour guides were none the wiser."

The photograph [shown in the forum Files section] clearly reveals a Mayan ruler with headphones in hand. However, no synthesizer is shown, despite Skinner's claim that the Mayans were intimately familiar with modular analog systems.

"The truth is, the headphones lead directly to a Banana Jack Interface," Skinner revealed. "I was simply too embarrassed to show it."