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Portable Sequencer - Moog Expansion

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The ME8s package includes a Q960 Moog-Style sequencer in a Moog-style portable cabinet. All of the features of the original Moog 960 sequencer, plus more. Makes a great addition to your vintage or modern Moog portable system.

Includes a matching lid, patch cables, and a Switch-trigger conversion cable for use with Moog envelope generators.

This package includes a power supply. Power can also be shared from an existing cabinet using a QIC cable, or from a QPS5 desktop power supply.

Moog Expansion System

The picture above shows the ME8s stacked on top of a Moog system.

Check out the videos covering the Q960 Sequencers and sequencer accessory modules on our tutorial page.

$1,463.00 USD
1) Q960 Sequencer

1) QCM8 Moog Style Portable Cabinet 8 Space

1) QPS4 Power Supply for Box11

Patch Cables and Accessories
1) QMVS48 Moog voltage to switch trigger cable, 48"
4) QP4MM24 Patch Cable, 24" 1/4" M-M, Red
2) QP4MM36 Patch Cable, 36" 1/4" M-M, Org
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  • PJ Wrote: Now I can add some much needed functions to my model 15 and keep everything looking unified.

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