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MOK 2002 - Caption Contest

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MOK Caption Contest

Captions submitted by AH folks

"Look!  Look! Look! I found Waldo!"

"If you think *that's* a thunderous bass note, wait until you hear what
happens when you pull my finger!"

As Paul reached for the Wogglebug, the universe imploded.

Chad wowed the room as he demonstrated the first-ever Fraternity Ring
Controller for vintage modular systems.

"Say, did uh, you need that 100k log pot?"

"I don't know about your 'fire' and 'technology'
- but, I do know this: um, oooh, pretty lights."
-Unfrozen Caveman EE

"Whatever you do, never press THAT button.  Otherwise you'll go bald."

"See?  I told you I could levitate modules.  Now show me the pool and I'll 
show you my walking trick."

"Seizing the moment, Roger ripped off his headphones and bit Paul's finger."

"ooooooooh, shiny"

"But this one goes to 11"

kid in back: "If anyone sees me here I'm transfering schools."

Paul: "The 3 non-orthagonal phase-locked loops constitute a Gaussian distribution of the 1/f
noise spectra, with jitter modulation components contributing to the apparent correlation to
input CV. DC versus AC paths will add additional tonal timbre shifts in the upper-midrange, as
the gain-bandwidth of the op amps, coupled with feed-forward compensation, create the resultant
Fourier oscillations."

Roger: "Turn it on first! That's the power supply hum!"

First guy (with headphones) "There's no sound coming out, I can't hear it"

Second Guy (with finger) "Here try this switch marked POWER, you didn't have
the damn thing on buttmunch!"

"Okay, on the count of three: I'll touch it, you sing an A, listen to the
headphones and if you hear any response, nod your head, I'll slam it right
home -- that should fix it!"

Paul Schreiber points out how the LEDs on a WoggleBug bounce off his
bald head to the MOTM-590 Incident Light Receiver Module.

"Now watch - when I push the RED button, power goes out over most of New Jersey"

"Open the pod bay doors Hal"

"Well, now it's a boogerfooger!"

"It's a modular synth for the  unemployed - see, you just put 20 cents in the
slot and......"

When I push this button, the kid behind me plays lucky man!

"Look, it says 'self-destruct-in-30-seconds', wonder what that means?"

"und ziss is how vee check for a swollen prostate ..."

"Hey Roger, Save a buck or two; Just Dial 10-10-A-H !  "

"Deep down, Paul knew there was only one way to eliminate the competition -
static electricity!"

Hmm, Well, I guess the name qualifies as "truth in advertising".

"See, the white shirt detector *is* operating properly"

"There, earthlings!  I press this little button and it is done!  The
rays are released!  Ten minutes from now your puny planet is MINE!"

"Watch, the LED's are touch sensitive"

"Always approach a module with one hand in your pocket,
that way you can't get electrocuted"

"paul, Paul, PAUL!  You're stepping on my foot!!"

"My new 1", -120db plugs stand out about this far"

"Ok Roger, this is a module, See this round thing, that's a knob"

"Paul, are you SURE this isn't your module, it sounds great"

"In this mode it acts like a 'finger-theremin'.

"I've heard this part has 'issues'"

"Who flicked a bugger on this, I'll get it"

"I'm taking these things off if you're gonna tweak it."

"At about 4 inches you can actually sense the quality"

Can you really wear a pocket protector with a Megadeath T-shirt?

"Look right here on the silver part, you can see the
reflection of a beautiful, giant modular - where's that coming from??

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