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Our Moog-compatible products and Moog-related technical articles.

Quick Moog Modular History

Bob Moog

Bob Moog began building his famous Moog modular synthesizer in 1964 and sold them through the Mid-70s. Surviving vintage Moog modular systems are rare as only 200-300 where built. They make fine collectors items but typically need new jacks, switches and other components to use as instruments.

Bob passed in 2005 and the Moog Music company continues under different ownership. In 2014, Moog Music began offering a reproduction of Keith Emerson's system priced at $150,000, and in 2015, began offering limited reproductions of the model 15, 35 and 55 systems. These systems are said to be faithful recreations of the vintage units using the same designs and components.

Bob's daughter Michelle promotes his legacy with educational programs and other projects through The Bob Moog Foundation.

Moog modulars are the inspiration for modulars. We use the same panel size, jacks and knobs, but we've modernized the power system, added MIDI, and improved tuning accuracy. See the articles below.

Moog Topics

My thoughts on the Moog reissue and why I didn't recreate Moog designs

Difference between Moog and

The case against half-height modules

Gates and triggers Explained

Our Moog-Compatible Products

If you decide to purchase a vintage Moog or a modern reissue, offers several expansion options. These products are high quality and worthy companions for any Moog system. They look and sound fantastic. And has a 15+ year track record of customer satisfaction.

Compatibility Overview

Signals in Moog and systems are compatible and use 1/4 jacks. Moog uses switch-trigger for some modules which requires our conversion cable.

Moog and use the same size panels, jacks and knobs. Moog modules are deeper and won't fit into the bottom row of our 44-space cabinets or Box11 cabinets. uses a modernized power supply and won't power a Moog module. And a Moog power system can't power a module.

Here's a Moog modular (left) next to a system (right).
Click for larger view.
Moog and

See more about this...

See Systems and Controllers.

Moog Modular Expansion Products

Moog Modular Expansion Systems

Expand your Moog 15,35,55

Moog Style 8-space portable cabinet

8 Space Cabinet

Moog-Style Portable
Add any modules

Moog Style 16-space portable cabinet

16-Space Cabinet

Moog-Style Portable
Add any modules

Moog Style Walnut Studio cabinets

Walnut Cabinets

Beautiful Solid Walnut
And Keyboard Garages

Parts, Knobs, Lamps, Screws


Knobs, Lamps, Screws

Synthesizer patch cables 1/4 male-to-male

Patch Cables

High quality

Voltage to Switch Trigger cable

Voltage to
Switch Trigger Cable

Connect vintage Moog gear to modern modules

Switch Trigger Extension cable

Switch Trigger
Extension Cable

For vintage Moog modular systems

Switch Trigger Y cable

Switch Trigger
Y Cable

For vintage Moog modular systems

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