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Q163 Eurorack Adapter

Q163 Eurorack Adapter Module

The Q163 Eurorack Adapter module provides 35HP and 7 Eurorack power headers for mounting Eurorack modules in your MU system. Thirteen patch points convert 3.5mm to 1/4" connectors. Order Here
TB22++ Thought Box Synthesizer

TB22++ Thought Box Synthesizer

Thought Box TB22++ is a 22-space synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a Q960 Moog-style sequencer, and an incredible array of modules in a rugged, fold-able cabinet. The system includes the cabinet, power supply, patch cables, AND gig-bag. Order Here
QCF22 Folding Cabinet

QCF22 Folding Cabinet

The QCF22 22-Space Folding Cabinet is a unique folding cabinet that features 22-spaces, built in multiples and power indicators, rugged sides, and a design that allow it to be close while patched. Order Here
Q165 Proto Module

Q165 Prototype Module

The Q165 Prototype Module gives the electronics experimenter a convenient way to implement custom circuitry for their 5U Moog-panel-format synthesizer. Now available as a kit including panel, pcb, resistors, capacitors, etc. Available on our online store.
Right Angle 'A' Series Cable

NEW Right Angle 'A' Series Cables

Our Right Angle 'A' Series Cables are an ultra low-profile version of our popular 'A' Series Cables. Available NOW on our online store.
Q156 Comparator

Q156 Comparator Module

The Q156 Comparator combines a signal comparator, LFO, VCA and AC Mixer/Coupler -- all in a single-wide module.
Available for Pre-Order on our online store.
Q158 VCA2++

Q158 VCA2++ Module

The Q158 VCA2++ provides two VCAs along with innovative connectivity to provide a panner, fader, 3-channel mixer and ring modulator functions - all in a single-wide module. Available on our online store.
Patcher Jack Shirt

New Long Sleeve Patcher Jack Shirt

Make sure Patcher Jack always has your back with our new Long-sleeve T-Shirt. Quantities are limited so get them while you can!
W-Series Wooden Patch Cables

W-Series Wooden Patch Cables

'W' Series patch cables are made for easy handling in densely-packed systems such as our Thought Box TB22++. The low-profile body is solid maple and clear coated for protection. Available in a set of six, 24" cables. See more...
Q155 Curver

Q155 Curver Module

The Q155 Curver provides a Curver, Inverter, Slope Detector, and VCA all in a single-wide panel.Check out our online store for this and other modules. T-Shirt

Classic T-Shirt

Make people ask "What's a Synthesizer!?" with the new T-Shirt. A slick, black shirt with white text. Now on the Order Form.
Q150A Single-Wide Ladder Filter

Q150A Single-Wide Ladder Filter Module

The Q150A Ladder Filter module is a single-wide version of our popular Q150 Ladder Filter. There's also a kit to convert an existing Q150 to single-wide. Get yours today on the Order/Quote form.
Q170 MIDI Gates Module

Q170 MIDI Gates Module

The Q170 MIDI Gates module accepts MIDI and creates 8 programmable gates. Gates can be activated from any MIDI note or controller message. Use the Q170 to activate sequencers, trigger envelopes, modify filters, transpose, etc. MIDI start, stop, continue and clock signals also supported. See more...
TB22++ Thought Box Synthesizer

TB22++ Thought Box Synthesizer

Thought Box TB22++ is a 22-space synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a Q960 Moog-style sequencer, and an incredible array of modules in a rugged, fold-able cabinet. The folding cabinet is built like a tank and includes cable storage and a fold-out cable holder. See more...
Q157 SH++ Module

Q157 SH++ Module

The Q157 SH++ is Sample & Hold surrounded by other functions including an LFO with sine wave output, gate/frequency divider, noise source and low-pass filter, slew-limiter/portamento with auto-looping, decay envelope generator. See more...
A-Series Low-Profile Patch Cables

A-Series Low-Profile Patch Cables

'A' Series patch cables are made for easy handling in densely-packed systems such as our Thought Box TB22++. The low-profile body is machined aluminium, and color-coded rings provide a nice grip. Available in a wide array of colors and lengths. See more...
Q114 Mixer++ Module

Q114 Mixer++ Module

The Q114 Mixer++ is a 4-channel mixer, a dual 2-channel mixer, and a signal distributor in a single-wide MU format module. The Q114 also provides many processing functions including signal inverting, amplifying and offsetting. See more...
Synthesizer Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift that goes 'WOW'. Choose any amount you wish. Can be used on any product we sell. Paypal accepted. Go to the certificates...
Q106a Oscillator Module

Q106A Oscillator Module

The new Q106A Oscillator combines the features of the popular Q106 oscillator along with the Q141 Aid module, all in a dual-wide panel with a few extra features added. If you already have a Q106 oscillator, use the conversion kit.
Q148 VCA++ Module

Q148 VCA++ Module

The new Q148 VCA++ module contains a VCA, left-right panner, tuner, clipping indicator, and a stereo headphone amplifier all in a single-wide module. Get the Q148 VCA++ on the Order/Quote form today.
Acrylic Keychain Plug


Give the gift of SynThings - puzzles, ornaments, keychains, fridge magnets, analog clocks. Supplies are Limited. See the gifts page...
Q107a Single-Wide Filter Module

Q107A Single-Wide SV Filter Module

The Q107A Filter module is a single-wide version of our popular Q107 State Variable Filter. There's also a kit to convert an existing Q107 to single-wide. Get the Q107A Filter on the Order/Quote form today.
Q179 Envelope++ multiply Module

Q179 Envelope++ Module

The Q179 Envelope++ module The Q179 Envelope++ module is a full-featured voltage-controlled envelope generator with many unique features including bizarre curves, a VCA and looping. Special modes offer dual-envelopes and 4-step sequencing. The Q179 can also be used as an LFO, gate divider, gate delay, arpeggiator, quantizer, random source, and more. See more...
Gallery Synth Customers

Customer Gallery

I asked our FB group for pictures of their systems and here is the resulting gallery - it's AWESOME!
Thought Box TB11

Thought Box System

Thought Box is a compact synthesizer with a special selection of modules for creating analog sounds and also for creating experimental sequences and patterns. The possibilities are endless. Read more...
VPlug Voltage Plug


Use VPlug to generate manual gates and transpose oscillators and adjust filter settings in real-time. See more...

New Artist - Plex Barnhart

Plex Barnhart has 30 years of experience as a player and programmer with artists including Duran Duran, Janet Jackson, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon and many others. Plex recently added a Studio 66 and Expansion systems to his Moog arsenal.
Q173 Gate Math divide multiply Module

Q173 Gate Math

The Q173 Gate Math module is gate divider and multiplier that can also produce random gates, gate sequences and other unique functions. Four programmable outputs and CV control of configurations. This is not your grandad's gate divider! See more...
Moog Modular Expansion Systems

Moog Expansion Systems

Expand your portable Moog 15 or studio 35/55 system with these add-on cabinets. Sequencers, MIDI interface, oscillators, filters, patch cables and other goodies to make your system complete. Visit the new Moog Menu.
Angled Portable Cabinet

Angled Portable Cabinet

This angled portable cabinet makes a great base for large or small systems. This is a custom order project that we will build if we get enough orders. Use the Quote Form. Click on the image for more info.
Modular Synthesizer puzzle

Modular Synthesizer Puzzle

You'll have a blast with this 300 piece puzzle. A giant modular synth all patched up. Worthy of framing and hanging in your studio. 16" x 20". Get'em while they last
Q167 LFO++ Low Frequency Oscillator with EG

Q167 LFO++

The Q167 LFO++ module is a fancy LFO with a built-in envelope generator to create growing or decaying modulations. Both amplitude and frequency modulation along with unique wave shaping. The Q167 can be used as an audio oscillator too. See more...
Q182-RP20 Ribbon Controller

Q182-RP20 Ribbon Controller

The RP20 is a position and pressure-sensitive ribbon controller capable of replacing or augmenting a traditional keyboard in an analog synthesizer system. The RP20 can be held like a guitar, played from the desktop, or mounted to our modular keyboard controllers above or below the keys. See more...
Synth Dogs at

Synth Dogs

Join us in bringing balance to the cat-centric synth world. Send your synth dog photo to
See the synth dogs.
Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL

New Artist - Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL

Tom Holkenborg has a long history and list of credits as a film composer including Batman-v-Superman, Mad Max Fury Road, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 among others. Tom's setup includes numerous analog synths including a Studio 110. FaceBook Group

Friends of Facebook Group

There's lots of activity going on over at the Friends Of Facebook group. Join us.
Steve Roach Skeleton Keys

Steve Roach - Skeleton Keys

Pioneering electronic musician Steve Roach taps into the expanding analog zeitgeist on SKELETON KEYS, a 74-minute album recorded using only the large format analog modular synthesizer. Eight emotional and mind-expanding spiraling mandalas-of-sound made from interwoven tapestries of melody, rhythm, tone and musical space. Buy CD, LP version. See Steve's Artist Page.
Metric Cascades video

Metric - Cascades

We released a video this morning of a song from our upcoming record that prominently features my AMAZING I can't begin to tell you how important that instrument has been to the last 3 years of my life, so thank you! -James Shaw. See Metric's Artist Page.
Paul Lawler

New Artist - Paul Lawler

Paul Lawler has composed for feature films, news, radio and computer games. Paul has more than 40 albums and composed nearly 1000 library tracks. Paul's analog gear includes a Studio 110.
15 year anniversary for

15 Year Production Anniversary

15 years ago we began shipping modular synthesizers to serious music makers around the globe after 3 years of secret product development. There was quite an uproar on the webs over the whole thing. Here we are 15 years later, one big happy synth family. Read about it...
Tutorials for

Tutorial Videos

I'm building a library of tutorial videos. First batch is for the Q960 Sequencer. Check it out!
Mark Isham

New Artist - Mark Isham

World-renowned film composer Mark Isham with numerous Grammys and Emmys embraces Box11 and the Q960 Sequencer.
The Case Against Half-Height Modules

The Case Against Half-Height Modules

Half-height modules place limits on users, and the core principle of modular synthesizers is No Limits.
Electronic Musician Magazine April 2015

Electronic Musician Magazine April 2015

Electronic Musician Magazine April 2015 features modular synthesizers with a nice write-up about
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

New Artist - Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

Paul Waaktaar-Savoy of A-ha fame adds a modular.
New Catalog

New Catalog

Our new catalog with 12 pages of fabulous synth goodies is now being put in every package shipped, and being mailed to US customers.
Electronic Musician Magazine Feb 2015

Electronic Musician Magazine Feb 2015

Electronic Musician Magazine Feb 2015 features has a good article on our modular controllers.
2015 Modular Synthesizer Calendar

2015 Synthesizer Calendar

Get your 2015 Modular Synth Calendar while they last. Each month provides a new jolt of synthperation!
Q191 Analog Clock

Q191 Analog Clock

A great gift for any synth nut. Hang it on the wall or mount it in your system. Pure analog signal path! Find it on our Quote Form in the Gifts section.
New 11-Space Portable Cabinets

New 11-Space Portable Cabinets

These new 11-space portable cabinets match our 22-space cabinets and look fantastic. Built-in power harness. Great for adding Sequencers to 22-space systems, or for building a giant 66-space portable system.
SynthInvent Modular Layout Software Update

SynthInvent Modular Layout Software Update

Use SynthInvent to layout the perfect system on your Windows PC. Update includes new products.
New website

New Website Design!

The website first went online in February 2000. This complete redesign has lots of new features, pictures and products. Hand-coded by stubborn me in html 5 for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy it while I recover from this 500hr project! -Roger
Chromeo does modular on Jimmy Kimmel

Chromeo does modular on Jimmy Kimmel

Check out Chromeo on the Jimmy Kimmel show sporting their 22-space modular.
Qfind intelligent synthesizer knowledge base


Check out QFind, the intelligent synthesizer knowledge base. Much better than a traditional website search. Try it at the top right of this screen. I'll be adding content regularly.
Synthesizer Patch Cable Holders

New Patch Cable Holders

Every patch cable needs a resting place. Mount the QHS to the side of your system or to the wall. Use the QHL on a standard microphone stand to hold over 150 cables!
Steve Roach

Steve Roach joins the ranks

Electronic music pioneer Steve Roach digs his new portable system and Q960 sequencer.
New Synthesizer Controllers

New Controllers

We've taken the modular philosophy to controllers! Keyboards, wheels, expression block, modular cabinetry and even a whammy bar!

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