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Portable-66 Synthesizer System

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The Portable-66 system offers a powerful seven-oscillator synthesizer along with a 24-stage sequencer and additional utility and filtering modules. Patch cables included. Suitable for live and studio work.

Add a controller bundle or drive the system with MIDI.

Synthesizer System
patch cables included
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$7,485.00 USD
7) Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
1) Q107 Filter (VCF)
4) Q108 Amplifier (VCA)
5) Q109 Envelope Generator
1) Q110 Noise Source
1) Q111 Pan/Fade
1) Q113 Mixer 8-Channel
1) Q115 Reverb
1) Q116 Ring Modulator
1) Q117 Sample and Hold
1) Q118 Instrument Interface
1) Q119 Sequencer
1) Q120 Connector Interface
1) Q123 Standards
3) Q124 Multiples
1) Q125 Signal Processor
1) Q127 Filter Bank
1) Q128 Switch
1) Q130 Clipper, Rectifier
1) Q132 Blank-Double
1) Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid
2) Q141 Oscillator Aid
1) Q142 Pedal Interface
1) Q143 Presets
1) Q147 Distributor
1) Q174 MIDI Interface
1) Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

2) QCP11 Portable Cabinet 11 Space
2) QCP22 Portable Cabinet 22 Space

1) Q103 DC Power Interface
1) Q137 Power Control and Interface
2) QDH20 Power Harness, 20 modules
1) QIC16 Inter-Cabinet Power Cable 16"
1) QICPY Inter-Cabinet Y Power Cable
1) QPS1 Power Supply

Patch Cables and Accessories
10) QP4MM12 Patch Cable, 12" 1/4" M-M, Brn
20) QP4MM24 Patch Cable, 24" 1/4" M-M, Red
10) QP4MM36 Patch Cable, 36" 1/4" M-M, Org
4) QP4MM48 Patch Cable, 48" 1/4" M-M, Yel
2) QP4MM72 Patch Cable, 72" 1/4" M-M, Blu
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Pick a pre-configured controller bundle to complete your system:

Controller Bundles

This system has two blank spaces which can be replaced with two single-space modules or one double-space module. Consider these:

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