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Portable Systems

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Portable systems are built with vinyl-covered cabinets and rugged hardware for the road or for the studio.

Customize these pre-configured systems by adding or replacing modules as you see fit.

Once you experience the incredible sound of an analog synthesizer, there's no going back!

Complete your system by adding a pre-configured controller bundle.

Portable 11 System


The Portable-11 is a compact two-oscillator synthesizer with a Moog-style Ladder filter.

Portable 22 System


The Portable-22 is a powerful three-oscillator analog synthesizer with our Q107 State Variable filter, two envelope generators, ring modulator and much more.

Portable 33 System


The Portable-33 is a powerful three-oscillator system like the Portable-22 but with an additional 11-space cabinet and a Moog-style sequencer, switch and quantizer.

Portable 44 System


Two portable cabinets of powerful analog sound. Six oscillators and a generous array of envelope generators, amplifiers, and utility modules. Great for both live and studio work.

Portable 66 System


The Portable-66 system offers a seven-oscillator synthesizer with 24-stage sequencing, filter bank, reverb, and more.

Portable 88 System


The massive Portable-88 offers seven oscillators, ample envelope generators, amplifiers, mixers, filtering and utility modules along with a 24-stage sequencer and two Moog-style Q960 sequencers. Let your imagination fly!

Portable 11p System


The Portable-11s provides the modules to process external sounds and offers a one-oscillator synth voice.

Portable 11s System


The Portable-11s offers a Moog-style Q960 Sequencer.

Portable 11s1 System


The Portable-11s offers a 24-stage Sequencer and quantizer.

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