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Q101 Power Control Module

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Q101 Power Control Module

The Q101 Power Control module is designed to mount on the front of a Studio system for easy access to the power switch. It is used along with a Q102 Power Interface module which is normally placed on the back of the cabinet.

The Q101 also provides voltage indicators and a DC power output connector for powering other cabinets or controllers using a QIC cable.

Learn all about power systems and see these Power Supply Warnings

The Q101 must be used with the Q102 Power Interface module and a QPS1 and QPS3 internal power supply.

$52.00 USD
  • Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • DC Power Connector:  6 pin female circular DIN.
  • Power requirement for LEDs:  +15V@10ma, -15V@10ma, +5@10ma.
  • Joan R. Wrote: Seems very logical now that I look at it closely.
  • Ted Wrote: Even your power systems are modular plug-and-go deals, lov it!

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