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Q107A State Variable Filter (VCF)

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Q107A State Variable Filter Module

The Q107A Filter is a single-wide version of our popular Q107 Filter. Both filters use the same circuitry, and they sound and operate identically. See the Q107 page for details about this filter.

Convert an existing Q107 double-wide filter to a Q107A single-wide filter with our conversion kit.

The Q107A lacks the Notch output and the input mixer attenuator. The Q162 Filter Mixer is compatible with the Q107A.

Q162 Filter Mixer

Add output mixing with the Q162 Filter Mixer Module

Q107 Filter

The Q107 is a dual-wide version of this filter with extra features.

$136.00 USD
  • TZ Wrote: Now I've got space for a bank of 3 filters, nice.

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