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Q116 Ring Modulator

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Q116 Ring Modulator Module

The Q116 Ring Modulator performs a variation of amplitude modulation in which two input signals are multiplied creating an output that contains the sum and difference of the input signals (called sidebands), but without the original input signals themselves. Sometimes referred to as a 'Balanced Modulator'.

The result is a very strange clanging, bell-like sound that can only be created with a ring modulator. Useful for producing gong sounds, bell sounds, and many strange sounds having no description.

$105.00 USD
  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • Signal Levels: 10V PP maximum
  • Power: +15V@30ma, -15V@30ma.

Simply put, the Ring Modulator makes strange sounds by combining two signals. A simple patch would include an oscillator driven by the keyboard into the X input, and another manually controlled oscillator into the Y input, then patch the output to an amplifier which is driven by an envelope generator. The result will be a bell-like sound.

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