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Q128 Switch

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Q128 Switch Module

The Q128 Switch Module allows a signal to control two SPDT (single pole, double throw) electronic analog switches.

These switches can be used to switch between patches during a sound, oscillate between two different filter settings, switch between left and right outputs, etc. An LED indicator shows the status of the switch and a push-button provides manual operation.

$80.00 USD
  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • Input Signal Range: 10V PP, DC to 20khz
  • Off Isolation: -54dB (-66dB in series)
  • Control Frequency: 1khz maximum
  • Control Switching Threshold: 3V
  • Power: +15V@2ma, -15V@2ma, +5@10ma.

The Q128 contains 2 single pole double throw switches which are controlled together making a double pole double throw switch. The most common use of the switch is to route signals to various places under control of an oscillator. A simple On-Off function can also be performed by ignoring the B connector. Control of the switch can come from any voltage source including an oscillator, Keyboard Gate, sequencer, etc.

A low control input (~0 volts) sets the switches to the B position (LED on).
A high control input (~ 5 volts) (or no input) sets the switches to the A position.

Q128 Switch Graphic

Crossing Two Signals
Two signals can be crossed by patching them into the common connectors, then criss-crossing A and B signals, then taking one output from A and one from B. When switched, the 2 signals will be crossed.

Patch Details:
Input #1 to Section 1, Common
Input #2 to Section 2, Common
Section 1, A ----> Section 2, B
Section 1, B ----> Section 2, A
Output #1 from Section 1, A
Output #2 from Section 1, B

Increasing Isolation
Electronic switches aren't perfect and when they're OFF they let through a very small amount of signal (20mv from a 10v PP input). Usually this isn't a problem, but if your patch requires more OFF isolation, connect the 2 switches in series which will reduce the 20mv signal to 5mv.

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