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Q141 Oscillator Aid

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Q141 Oscillator Aid Module

The Q141 Oscillator Aid is designed to add functionality to the Q106 Oscillator.

A soft sync input and control allows multiple oscillators to track together with a smoother result than that provided by hard sync.

A 6 position rotary switch allows quick selection of waveforms and adds a square wave (50% duty cycle pulse wave). An amplitude control allows the output levels to be adjusted. The selected waveform is available in both positive and negative polarity which can be useful when the oscillator is used as a modulation source for filters, amplifiers and other modules.

Mount the Q141 Aid on the right or left side of the Q106 Oscillator. Wires from the Q141 attach to the Q106 circuit board.

Yes, you can use the Q141 Aid module AND the Q161 mixer module together on a single Q106 oscillator.
$58.00 USD
  • John Wrote: A Q106 Oscillator without a Q141 Aid is like a slice of apple pie without cheese.
  • Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h
  • Signal Levels:  10V PP
  • Power: None

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