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Q149 Signal Selector

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Q149 Signal Selector

The Q149 Signal Selector provides a convenient way to manually switch 3 signals. The module provides two 3-position switch sections, each of which can be used in either direction (3-to-1, or 1-to 3). The two switch sections can be connected together with the center toggle switch to provide a 3-to-3 switching matrix.

$110.00 USD

The Q149 provides simple manual switching useful for quickly rerouting patches. This could be used to select one of 3 different filter modes (HP,BP,LP), select various waveforms from an oscillator, or send a signal to 3 different amplifiers. Control signals or audio signals can be switched.

Sequencer Row Selection
The Q149 is especially useful for switching rows on the Q119 Sequencer or the Q960 Sequencer to manually select rows in real time.

Q149 Historical Sightings

  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • Power: None

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