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Q170 MIDI Gates

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Q170 MIDI Gates Module

**We are aware of a possible issue with some keyboards that use Active Sense. For best results disable Active Sense or filter it out using a MIDI Program.**

The Q170 MIDI Gates module produces gate signals from a stream of MIDI messages, either from a keyboard, a DAW or any MIDI source. Each of the 8 outputs can be programmed for one or more MIDI note messages or Continuous Controller messages.

Gate outputs can be used to select steps on a Q960 sequencer, trigger envelopes, change filter settings and many other things.

A MIDI Thru output allows daisy-chaining of many modules.

The MIDI output is a version of the incoming MIDI signals but with the programmed notes filtered out. This allows you to set aside certain notes on a keyboard for controlling things via an independent gate signal.

To program an output, simply press the Set button and send MIDI note or CC messages. MIDI channel numbers are recognized. Notes sent once cause the output to follow the note on/off messages and operate like a simple keyboard gate signal. Notes sent twice cause the output to toggle On then Off as note On messages are received.

A special mode allows gate outputs to be programmed to respond to MIDI real-time messages, sometimes called sync - start, stop, continue, clock. The clock output can be programmed with a division of /1,/2,/3,/4,/6,/8,/12,/16,/24,/32,/48,/96,/192.

$170.00 USD
  • SL Wrote: The Q170 just couldn't be better, what a problem solver. Really opens up a lot of real-time control I was trying to figure out how to accomplish. So many uses, new ones constantly coming to mind. Kudos, another winner!
  • MP Wrote: This is simply one of the most ingenious modules of modern day! OMGarsh Roger!
  • SL Wrote: I hadn't really looked at the Q170 until a couple of days ago HOLY COW. It's a perfect combo of utility, power, and utter ease-of-use.
  • FG Wrote: Swiss Midi knife! Sounds brilliant.
  • JW Wrote: I'm really excited about this module! Great Job Roger!

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