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QDH Internal Module DC Power Harness

QDH Internal Module DC Power Harness

The QDH power harness delivers DC power to modules from a QPS1 or QPS3 power supply, or from a Q103 DC power module that is getting its power from another cabinet.

Some modules consume more than one space, and some modules don't require power like the Q124 Multiple. The QDH20 harness has 10) 24-inch cables, and 10) 36-inch cables which is normally enough for a 22-space cabinet. The QDH40 harness has 20) 24-inch cables, and 20) 36-inch cables which is normally enough for a 44-space cabinet.

Connectors are female 6 pin which mate to the male connector on the circuit board of each module. Connectors are keyed to prevent incorrect connections. One special branch of the cable has a male 4 pin connector which attaches to the power supply.

Learn all about power systems and see these Power Supply Warnings

QDH20 (20 module cables): $55.00 USD
QDH40 (40 module cables): $95.00 USD
  • DC Power Connector:  4 pin connector to QPS1 or QPS3 power supply.
  • DC Power Connectors to Modules:  Female 6 pin MTA
  • Joan R. Wrote: Seems very logical now that I look at it closely.
  • Ted Wrote: Even your power systems are modular plug-and-go deals, lov it!

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