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QIC Cabinet Interconnect Cables

QIC Cabinet Interconnect Cables

QIC cables carry DC power between cabinets and to controllers using our standardized DC power connector.

For portable cabinets next to each other, use the 16" cable. For studio systems having a 22-space cabinet on top of a 44-space cabinet, use the 24" cable. For an upside-down tilted studio cabinet use the 48" cable.

For portable systems having dual 11-space cabinets such as our Portable-66, use the QIC-PY which has one 36" branch and one 30" branch. Image.

Learn all about power systems and see these Power Supply Warnings

Warning: Systems with multiple power supplies must NOT use a QIC cable to connect the outputs together.
QIC-12  12" Inter-Cabinet Power Cable: $18.00 USD
QIC-16  16" Inter-Cabinet Power Cable: $18.00 USD
QIC-24  24" Inter-Cabinet Power Cable: $18.00 USD
QIC-36  36" Inter-Cabinet Power Cable: $18.00 USD
QIC-48  48" Inter-Cabinet Power Cable: $18.00 USD
QIC-PY  Y Power Cable for Portables: $28.00 USD
  • Joan R. Wrote: Seems very logical now that I look at it closely.
  • Ted Wrote: Even your power systems are modular plug-and-go deals, lov it!

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