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MIDI Cables

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MIDI cables male-to-male

These rugged MIDI cables are designed to match the quality and dependability of your modular synthesizer.

Male-to-male 5-pin circular DIN plugs with metal barrels and heat shrink tubing with the '' imprint.

Each length has its own color based on resistor color bands.

QPMMM-12 12" MIDI Cable (brown) $12.50 USD
QPMMM-24 24" MIDI Cable (red) $12.50 USD
QPMMM-36 36" MIDI Cable (orange) $12.50 USD
QPMMM-48 48" MIDI Cable (yellow) $12.50 USD
QPMMM-72 72" MIDI Cable (blue) $12.50 USD

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