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QPS1 Power Supply for 66 Spaces

QPS1 Power Supply (66 spaces)

The QPS1 internal power supply provides DC power for systems up to 66 spaces of modules. The QPS1 is plug-and-go with an AC connection for a Q137 all-in-one power module, or the Q101/Q102 power module pair. A DC connection for a QDH power harness carries power to the modules.

The QPS1 will typically power a system up to 66 spaces (spaces, not modules). Use our Spreadsheet or SynthInvent to calculate the required power.

Learn all about power systems and see these Power Supply Warnings

$260.00 USD
  • Size:  11"W x 3"L x 5"H.
  • Weight:  8 pounds.
  • Mounting:  3 or 4) #8 Screws.
  • DC Power Output:  +15V@1500ma, -15V@1500ma, +5V@6000ma.
  • DC Power Connection:  4-pin connector to QDH Power Harness.
  • AC Power Input:  110VAC or 220VAC.
  • AC Power Connection:  6-pin connector to Q102 or Q137 Power Module.
Specifications subject to change.
  • Joan R. Wrote: Seems very logical now that I look at it closely.
  • Ted Wrote: Even your power systems are modular plug-and-go deals, lov it!

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