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QPS6+ External Power Supply

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QPS6 External DC Power Supply

The QPS6+ external power supply provides power for approximately 33 spaces of modules. It is unique in that is offers LINEAR +/- 15V rails in an afforable desktop power supply. This means clean waveforms throughout your system.

AC input is 110 or 220VAC using a standard 3-prong IEC C13 connector.

The QPS6+ uses our standardized DC power connector to provide power directly to our Box11 cabinets, controllers, and our portable Moog expansion cabinets.

The QPS6 can also provide power to portable cabinets or studio cabinets using a Q103 DC Power Module or the QIC-W. You can even power your rack frame QDH's using the QIC-H.

The exact number of modules capable of being powered by the QPS6+ depends upon their total current draw.

QPS6+  External Power Supply for 33 Spaces: $240.00 USD
  • Size:  3.0"w x 5.8"l x 1.8"h.
  • Weight:  2 pounds.
  • Mounting:  Desktop.
  • DC Power Connector:  6 pin male circular Right Angle DIN
  • DC Power Output:  +15V@1200ma, -15V@1200ma, +5V@1000ma.
  • AC Input:  Universal 110-220v.
  • AC Input Connector:  IEC C13 connector (male). Non-US user provides AC power cable.
Specifications subject to change.

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