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Rack-8 Synthesizer System

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The Rack-8 system is 5U system designed to process external signals from guitars or from a microphone. Perfect for adding that unique analog touch to otherwise normal audio.

This system can also operate as a single-oscillator synthesizer voice. Power components and patch cables included.

Expand this system easily by adding more frames and modules. The power supply can handle up to 66 spaces.

Add a controller bundle or drive the system with MIDI.

The user must provide an enclosed cabinet for 19" rack equipment to mount the frames and house the power supply in a safe manor. Pictures here show a cabinet as an example.
Synthesizer System
patch cables included
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  • DW Wrote: I am in receipt of my rack system and would like to compliment on everything, from the superb packing job, to the beautiful look and solid feel of the modules, to the unbelievable sound it makes. This is by far the highest quality gear I own, and probably ever seen.
$1,088.50 USD
1) Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
1) Q107 Filter (VCF)
1) Q108 Amplifier (VCA)
1) Q109 Envelope Generator
1) Q118 Instrument Interface

1) QCR8 Rack Frame 8 Space

1) Q137 Power Control and Interface
1) QDH20 Power Harness, 20 modules
1) QPS1 Power Supply

Patch Cables and Accessories
2) QP4MM12 Patch Cable, 12" 1/4" M-M, Brn
5) QP4MM24 Patch Cable, 24" 1/4" M-M, Red
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Pick a pre-configured controller bundle to complete your system:

Controller Bundles

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