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Rack Systems

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Rack systems are made with our rugged 19" rack frames for mounting into a user-supplied portable case or studio cabinetry. Each frame is 5U tall (8.5") and has 8 spaces. These systems are great for processing external inputs from guitars or microphones, or as full-blown stand-alone synthesizer systems.

Complete your system by adding a pre-configured controller bundle.

Customize these pre-configured systems by adding or replacing modules as you see fit. There are no limits in the modularsphere.

rack 8 System


The Rack-8 system is designed to process other signals such as guitars and microphones. Perfect for adding that unique analog touch to otherwise normal audio. Can also be used as a single-oscillator synth voice.

rack 24 System


Rack-24 consists of three 5U frames containing a complete three-oscillator synthesizer. Envelope generators, a Q107 Filter and a host of utility and interface modules are included.

Custom Rack Systems of Any Size

We can build you a Rack system in any configuration you can imagine. As large or as small as you wish. See our Studio systems for configuration ideas and we'll help you select the items you need.

Erik Norlander Rack System

These systems use rack frames which must be installed into a user-supplied 19" rack cabinet of some sort. These pictures show a cabinet which is not included.

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