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Studio-22 Synthesizer System

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The Studio-22 system offers a complete three-oscillator analog machine along with a state-variable filter, two envelope generators, two amplifiers, ring modulator, MIDI interface, and more - all in a solid walnut furniture-quality cabinet. Patch cables are included. Easy to expand by adding additional cabinets to create a 44 or 66-space system.

Synthesizer System
patch cables included
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  • M Wrote: I am thoroughly enjoying getting acquainted with my new 22 space studio system. Both the sound and appearance are stunningly beautiful. Thank you!
$3,104.50 USD
3) Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
1) Q107 Filter (VCF)
2) Q108 Amplifier (VCA)
2) Q109 Envelope Generator
1) Q110 Noise Source
1) Q112 Mixer 4-Channel
1) Q116 Ring Modulator
1) Q117 Sample and Hold
1) Q124 Multiples
1) Q125 Signal Processor
1) Q131 Blank-Single
1) Q132 Blank-Double
1) Q138 Logo Panel - Single Width
1) Q174 MIDI Interface
1) Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

1) QCS22 Studio Cabinet 22 Space

1) Q101 Power Control
1) Q102 AC Interface
1) QDH20 Power Harness, 20 modules
1) QPS1 Power Supply

Patch Cables and Accessories
2) QP4MM12 Patch Cable, 12" 1/4" M-M, Brn
10) QP4MM24 Patch Cable, 24" 1/4" M-M, Red
6) QP4MM36 Patch Cable, 36" 1/4" M-M, Org
2) QP4MM48 Patch Cable, 48" 1/4" M-M, Yel
1) QP4MM72 Patch Cable, 72" 1/4" M-M, Blu
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   Power: 110VAC or 220AC, 50/60hz, user select-able.

22-Space Cabinet:
  •    Dimensions:  48-3/8"w x 8-1/2"d x 10"h
  •    Weight with modules:  40#
  •    Shipping package size:  12" x 12" x 52"
  •    Shipping weight:  45#

Pick a pre-configured controller bundle to complete your system:

Controller Bundles

This system has a blank panel which can be replaced with a single-space module. Consider these:

  • Matt Wrote: The cabinet looks SO much better in person than it does in the pictures. This stuff is really well-built. Everything's mounted solid as a rock. I really am impressed!

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