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Thought Box Synthesizer System

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Available for order $1,920.00 - use our Quote form

Thought Box is a synthesizer with a special selection of modules for creating analog sounds and also for creating experimental sequences and patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Thought Box TB11 Synthesizer

Thought Box can operate as a dual-oscillator synth with MIDI or voltage control, or can generate its own patterns and operate as a self-contained system.

Thought Box includes a metal cabinet with solid walnut sides, modules, power supply and patch cables.

Expansion of the Thought Box is easy with our Box11 cabinets and modular controllers. Add modules as you see fit, and move them anywhere you wish at any time. Start small and grow along with your vision.

  • PJ Wrote: Thought Box is very powerful for as small is it is. Crazy patterns and sounds just pour out of this thing!
  • MP Wrote: O. M. G. I've been lost for an hour already. My Gawd man... You have created some wonderful things here. Thank you... I'm having a blast! I have to get a recorder running!
$1,920.00 USD
1) Q107 Filter (VCF)
1) Q108 Amplifier (VCA)
1) Q112 Mixer 4-Channel
1) Q131 Blank-Single
1) Q138 Logo Panel - Single Width
2) Q167 LFO++ Low Frequency Oscillator
1) Q173 Gate Math
1) Q174 MIDI Interface
1) Q179 Envelope++

1) QCB11 Box11 Cabinet 11 Space
1) QCB11SSW Sides, Straight, Walnut for Box11, pair

1) QPS4 Power Supply for Box11

Patch Cables and Accessories
1) QPB Patch Cable Bundle, 6 12" 8 36" M-M 1/4"
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  • KW Wrote: I received my Box11s a few weeks back and wanted to thank you for a quality product! This is my first purchase of an item of this type and I have a feeling it won't be my last! Boy am I having fun with this!

Thought Box has 2 spaces of blanks. Here are just a few optional modules that could go there.

Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

Q175 Arpeggiator/Portamento

The Q175 is an Aid module for the Q174 MIDI interface. It adds an arpeggiator and portamento (Glide). This would be very helpful if you plan on using Thought Box with a keyboard controller. See the Q175 web page.

Q167 LFO++ Low Frequency Oscillator Module

Q167 LFO++ Oscillator

Thought Box contains two Q167 LFO++ modules and adding a third can thicken sounds and greatly add to modulation capabilities. Each Q167 is a combination LFO, Audio Oscillator, envelope generator, and VCO all in one. See the Q167 web page.

Q962 Sequential Switch

Q962 Sequential Switch

The Q962 can route one signal to three different places, or three signals to one place. This can provide automated routing of filter outputs or any other audio or control voltage signal. The Q962 can be shifted like a sequencer and used to create patterns of gates too. See the Q962 web page.

Q117 Sample and Hold Module

Q117 Sample & Hold

The Q117 Sample & Hold module can create some interesting patterns while tracking an oscillator. And it has its own internal clock which can be used as a pulse generator to trigger envelopes or oscillators. See the Q117 web page.

Q181RC Ribbon Controller

Q181RC Ribbon Controller

The Q181RC provides a voltage according to where you press on the ribbon. It's very fun to use along with sequences or for pitch-bending or controlling clock speeds or sweeping filters. See the Q181rc web page.

  • MP Wrote: I can't state enough how impressive this system is. I was lost in the simple patch there (yeup, straight 2 OSC synth!) for hours last night. I should point out that though I've had a lot of gear, I've never touched a DotCom system before now. I was totally impressed at the tone and ballz out of the Q107/QA130/Q108 path.

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