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VPlug - Voltage Plug

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VPlug is a 1/4" plug with a button that produces a voltage when pressed. This voltage can be used to manually create gate signals anywhere in the system. For example: Use VPlug to manually trigger envelopes on the Q167 LFO++, or to manually reset the Q173 Gate Math module.

VPlug can also be used to transpose oscillators, change filter settings, and offset modulation control voltages - After all, it's just a voltage.

VPlug includes a female-female adapter so it can be used at the end of a patch cable like a controller.

VPlug Voltage Plug

VPlug's internal battery will last at least two years with normal usage. Built tough like every product.

$35.00 USD (Cables section of Quote form)
  • EP Wrote: The thought to include the adaptor so its able to be on the end of a cable is freakn NICE.
  • Plug:  1/4" male, metal shell
  • Circuit:  Internal Battery and switch debouncer (drawing)
  • Voltage:  6.3v nominal
  • Lifetime:  2 yrs normal usage
  • Battery:  sealed, not user replaceable
  • Adapter:  Female-Female, metal shell
  • DC Wrote: Being able to use this to retrigger a Q173 sounds awesome.
  • PD Wrote: I love it when someone comes out with something no one even thought to ask for but which is so obviously cool.

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