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About offers the most complete selection of Moog-Unit format analog modular synthesizers on Earth. Our efficient direct-sales model has a 16-year track record of delivering quality products and top-notch customer service. Select from our pre-configured systems and controllers, or design your own with our cabinets and modules. Our systems interface with all other synthesizers. The possibilities are endless and the sound is amazing. Products are designed and built in Texas, and most are in stock, so get a quote now. It's easy to explore and learn here so start clicking! Join us on FaceBook and check out our Tutorials and Catalog.

New Products and News

Q114 Mixer++ Module

Q114 Mixer++ Module

The Q114 Mixer++ is a 4-channel mixer, a dual 2-channel mixer, and a signal distributor in a single-wide MU format module. The Q114 also provides many processing functions including signal inverting, amplifying and offsetting. See more...
Q106a Oscillator Module

Q106A Oscillator Module

The new Q106A Oscillator combines the features of the popular Q106 oscillator along with the Q141 Aid module, all in a dual-wide panel with a few extra features added. If you already have a Q106 oscillator, use the conversion kit.
Q148 VCA++ Module

Q148 VCA++ Module

The new Q148 VCA++ module contains a VCA, left-right panner, tuner, clipping indicator, and a stereo headphone amplifier all in a single-wide module. Get the Q148 VCA++ and a other items with free shipping and a discount in the 'SPECIALS' section of the Order/Quote form.
Q107a Single-Wide Filter Module

Q107A Single-Wide SV Filter Module

The Q107A Filter module is a single-wide version of our popular Q107 State Variable Filter. There's also a kit to convert an existing Q107 to single-wide. Get the Q107A Filter and a Q179 Envelope++ together with free shipping and a discount in the 'SPECIALS' section of the Order/Quote form.
Q179 Envelope++ multiply Module

Q179 Envelope++ Module

The Q179 Envelope++ module The Q179 Envelope++ module is a full-featured voltage-controlled envelope generator with many unique features including bizarre curves, a VCA and looping. Special modes offer dual-envelopes and 4-step sequencing. The Q179 can also be used as an LFO, gate divider, gate delay, arpeggiator, quantizer, random source, and more. See more...
Gallery Synth Customers

Customer Gallery

I asked our FB group for pictures of their systems and here is the resulting gallery - it's AWESOME!
Thought Box TB11

Thought Box System

Thought Box is a compact synthesizer with a special selection of modules for creating analog sounds and also for creating experimental sequences and patterns. The possibilities are endless. Read more...

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