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About offers the most complete selection of Moog-Unit format analog modular synthesizers on Earth. Our efficient direct-sales model has a 18-year track record of delivering quality products and top-notch customer service. Select from our pre-configured systems and controllers, or design your own with our cabinets and modules. Our systems interface with all other synthesizers. The possibilities are endless and the sound is amazing. Products are designed and built in Texas, and most are in stock, so get a quote now. It's easy to explore and learn here so start clicking! Join us on FaceBook and check out our Tutorials and Catalog.

New Products and News

Q960 Sequencer Bundle

Q960 Sequencer Bundle Special

This limited-time special gives you the opportunity to jump into the world of analog modular sequencing and save a bundle too! The bundle includes our popular Q960 Sequencer modeled after the Moog 960 along with the Q962 Sequential switch turning it into 24 steps, and our Q171 3-channel Quantizer making tuning a breeze. Also included are 3) 12" patch cables and 3) 24" patch cables. On top of all that, free shipping within the US. You'll need 10 cabinet spaces and 3 unused power cables to install these. See the specials section of our Quote Form for details...
Q170 MIDI Gates Module

Q170 MIDI Gates Module

The Q170 MIDI Gates module accepts MIDI and creates 8 programmable gates. Gates can be activated from any MIDI note or controller message. Use the Q170 to activate sequencers, trigger envelopes, modify filters, transpose, etc. MIDI start, stop, continue and clock signals also supported. See more...
Q106A VCO Silver Panel, Red heather TShirt

Special - Q106A VCO Silver Panel & TShirt

Limited time and quantities. Get a custom Q106A VCO on metal and a custom T-Shirt. See the SPECIALS section of the order form. Ended
Q114 Mixer++ Module and Q192 Bat Meter

Special - Q114 Mixer++ and Q192 Bat Meter

Limited time and quantities. Get the Q114 Mixer++ and the elusive Q192 Bat Meter. See the SPECIALS section of the order form. Sold Out
TB22++ Thought Box Synthesizer

TB22++ Thought Box Synthesizer

Thought Box TB22++ is a 22-space synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a Q960 Moog-style sequencer, and an incredible array of modules in a rugged, fold-able cabinet. The folding cabinet is built like a tank and includes cable storage and a fold-out cable holder. See more...
Q157 SH++ Module

Q157 SH++ Module

The Q157 SH++ is Sample & Hold surrounded by other functions including an LFO with sine wave output, gate/frequency divider, noise source and low-pass filter, slew-limiter/portamento with auto-looping, decay envelope generator. See more...
A-Series Low-Profile Patch Cables

A-Series Low-Profile Patch Cables

'A' Series patch cables are made for easy handling in densely-packed systems such as our Thought Box TB22++. The low-profile body is machined aluminium, and color-coded rings provide a nice grip. Available in a wide array of colors and lengths. See more...

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