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All modules sorted by part # These are the basic modules needed for a synthesizer Aid modules connect to other modules to add features These modules deal with MIDI in some way or another See the controller page for more about controllers See the power page for details about power components

  • TM Wrote: You and your team do stellar work. From the quality sound and build of the modules to the outstanding customer service, it's always a treat to do business with you...and even more so to play with your synth modules.
  • RS Wrote: I really love this sequencer, it's so full of potential. Nice build too. is a class act all the way. Thanks for being here.
  • TD Wrote: These controllers are awesome, anything I could want, and I can put them anywhere. A whammy bar?? WTH?? :)
  • DN Wrote: I can't tell you how much use your filters get in the studio. They're a secret weapon for generating HUGE sub-harmonics on kick drum and bass guitars. Everyone asks how we get 'THAT HUGE SOUND'!
  • RT Wrote: This idea of an 'aid' module is very nice because it allows me to get only what I want, when I want.
  • BW Wrote: Density has its place, but I like's well-rounded approach to these modules.

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