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Q114 Mixer++

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Q114 Mixer++ Module

The Q114 Mixer++ is a 4-channel mixer, a dual 2-channel mixer, and a signal distributor in a single-wide MU format module. The Q114 also provides many processing functions including signal inverting, amplifying and offsetting.

The unique design connects channels together until you insert a plug. This allows various combinations of mixing, distributing and processing simultaneously.

Each channel's knob attenuates its input from 0% to 100%, and the toggle switch sets an optional function. Use X1 for normal mixing.

Several Q114 Mixer++ modules can be daisy-chained together for 8, 12 or more channels.

The rules of operation are simple and powerful:
Input and output jacks are switching jacks. Inserting a plug breaks the connection to the next channel. This allows an amazing variety of mixing and processing possibilities in a small space.

Without a plug inserted into an input, that channel receives its signal from the input above it. When a plug is inserted into an input, that channel receives its signal from the plug. The first input is 5 volts without a plug inserted.

Without a plug inserted into an output, that output is mixed into the next channel below it. When a plug is inserted into an output, the processing of that channel is sent out, and the signal is not mixed into the next channel, the chain is broken.

$167.00 USD
  • MO Wrote: A must have module. The fact you can use it so many different ways means it will frequently be used regardless of the patch you are working on.
  • MP Wrote: Nicely done! I love how much thought you've been putting into the ++ modules! KUDOS!
  • PD Wrote: This looks great. I think I need a few.
  • MN Wrote: You really hit it out of the park with the Q114 mixer++
  • JW Wrote: Holy crap, Roger. I love this so much. So amazing!
  • BK Wrote: Very clever design!
  • MP Wrote: You've got a winner here, Roger. Serving as companion for the Q173 Gate Math to enhance that module's sequencer function and ... wow. I'm going to be ordering a second one of these, for sure. Thanks for all you do.

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