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Q115 Spring Reverb

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Q115 Spring Reverb Module

The Q115 Spring Reverb module adds the traditional reverb effect to the sounds from your system. A 3-spring mechanical reverb tank is used similar to the units found in Fender guitar amplifiers. The operator has manual control over the initial reverb spring Drive and the Amount of reverb mixed into the output signal. Designed to operate with the large signals produced by other modules in the system.

The reverb tank must be mounted inside the cabinet behind the module. A 24 inch cable is included to connect the module to the tank.

Picture of the Reverb Tank.

$136.00 USD
  • Rich Wrote: Installation of the Q115 was a snap. After using it on my synth I have only one word to describe its effect on my sounds; Haunting! I absolutely love it!!!!
  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • Reverb Tank Size: 3.5"W 1.5"H 9.5"L.
  • Reverb Tank Mounting: 2.9"x 8.6", #8 Screw
  • Signal Levels: 10V PP maximum
  • Power: +15V@30ma, -15V@30ma.

Mounting the Tank

The reverb tank can be mounted inside of portable cabinets and studio cabinets. The Box11 cabinets have mounting holes on the back side and a hole for the cables. There is no room inside of Box124 cabinets or provisions for external mounting because these are designed for controllers.

The reverb effect can add great depth to your sound. Patch the outputfrom your filter or other processing modules through the reverb module before going to the final amplifier. Moving both controls towards 10 will increase the reverb effect, but there are subtle differences between the controls and experimentation will be needed to provide the sound you're looking for. Since reverb will add some harmonics to the waveform, try patching the waveforms from an oscillator through the reverb before going to a filter.

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