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Q123 Standards

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Q123 Standards Module

The Q123 Standards module provides precision voltage and frequency standards.

The voltage section of the module provides precision switching of -10 volts (-10 octaves) to +10 volts (+10 octaves) in 1 volt increments plus precision semitone switching. Useful for switching octaves and selecting keys. Precision mixing is also provided for use with pitch control voltages from keyboards and other controllers.

The frequency section provides a precision 440Hz (A) tone for use in tuning. An on/off switch offers convenient control.

$161.00 USD
  • JW Wrote: I use the standards module to select intervals when making a two note chord played from a single V/oct. Sometimes I'll even use it to perform a part. It's one of my favorite modules.
  • HS Wrote: You can describe it as a musical transposition module: it can transpose from any key into any other within the entire 10-octave audible bandwidth. For a non-keyboard player like me, that's big-time valuable.
  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • Voltage Standard: -10.917V to +10.917V +/-.002V
  • Voltage Mixing Precision: .1%
  • Frequency Standard: 440Hz +/-.2%, 10Vpp, 2% THD Sine
  • Power: +15V@12ma, -15V@12ma.
  • MF Wrote: Incredibly useful for switching octaves (or semitones) on several VCOs at one time.

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