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Q147 Distributor

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Q147 Distributor Module

The Q147 Distributor is used to simplify the process of distributing a signal to many destinations. Also known as a reverse mixer or a signal splitter. Three of the output signals have attenuators and inverters, and one is fixed at 100%.

Great for routing one envelope to several places or sending a waveform to amplifiers, oscillators, and filters. Distributors can be daisy-chained if more destinations are needed. Can also be used as an adjustable voltage source and to route and invert Gate signals.

$92.00 USD
  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
  • Input/Output Voltage Levels: 10V PP.
  • Power: +15V@8ma, -15V@8ma.

The Q147 Distributor is basically a reverse mixer - a signal splitter. It simply takes one input signal and sends it to four outputs. This is useful when you want one signal source to control many other modules.

Use with Envelope Generators
Patch the output of your envelope generator to the distributor, then the outputs from the distributor to an amplifier, filter, and an oscillator. Since these outputs can be attenuated and inverted right on the distributor, you can patch the signals into the unattenuated control inputs on the other modules. The amount of impact that the envelope will have on each module can be adjusted right on the distributor.

Distribute Modulation Oscillators
As with envelopes, use the Q147 to distribute a sine wave or other waveform to many different modules such as an amplifier for tremolo, another oscillator for vibrato, or the filter for vibrating sweeps.

Daisy Chain Many Distributors
It's easy to connect multiple Q147 distributors together to produce more output signals. Simply take Output #4 from one Q147 and patch it to the Input on the next one.

As a Multiple Voltage Source
Without an Input signal, the Q147 can act as a voltage source. Outputs #1, #2, #3 produce various voltages from -5V to +5V. Output #4 produces a fixed +5V

Many More Possibilities
Use your Q147 Distributor to route outputs from your sequencer to various locations or to route the output of the Q118 Instrument Interface to several filters. Can also be used to route and invert Gate signals.

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