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Q156 Comparator, LFO, VCA, AC Mixer Module

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Q156 Q156 Comparator, LFO, VCA, AC Mixer Module

The Q156 module combines a signal comparator, LFO, VCA and AC Mixer/Coupler in a single-wide module.

The Comparator section compares two signals and produces a gate output when the + signal is higher than the - signal. A single signal can also be compared to a fixed voltage set by the knob. Produce random gates, pulsing gates, convert audio into gates, create effects that apply to only a certain range of notes, and so much more.

The second section is an AC coupler and mixer. Remove DC voltage from a signal, convert gates from the comparator section or from the Q173 Gate Math module into audio, and mix signals.

The third section is a general purpose utility LFO. Triangle and square wave outputs are available. Patch the triangle wave into the comparator section to create PWM.

The bottom section is a simple VCA. Patch the LFO into the VCA to create tremolo, or use an envelope to create decaying vibrato - the possibilities are endless.

$199.00 USD
Pre-Order Price: $170.00 USD
  • PJ Wrote: Great collection of elements, lots of experimenting in my future.

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