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Q157 SH++ Sample and Hold

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Q157 SH++ Module

The Q157 SH++ is a Sample and Hold surrounded by accessory functions on a single-wide panel. There are 5 sections including an LFO with square and sine wave outputs, a frequency/gate divider, noise source with low-pass filtering, and a slew limiter with automatic looping. The slew limiter section also produces a decay envelope generator.

Several sections are connected together in a musically-useful way to create interesting modulation of oscillators and filters with minimal patching.

The LFO provides square wave and sine wave outputs simultaneously with an LED indicating speed. The LFO can be used to provide vibrato to oscillators, clocks to sequencers, or gates for the Sample and Hold section.

The Divider section automatically receives its input from the LFO's square wave unless a plug is inserted into its IN jack. Dividing gates can be useful for sequencer patches, arpeggiations, even sub-octave waveform generation.

The Sample and Hold section receives its gate from the LFO unless a plug is inserted into its GATE jack. The sample and hold input is automatically connected to the noise section if there is no plug in the IN jack.

The Noise section provides a white noise filtered by a 2-pole low-pass filter. The knob can also be jumpered as a volume control if desired.

The Decay/Slew section provides portamento for keyboard pitch, slew for the sample and hold output, creates envelopes from gates, or delays gate signals. Without a plug inserted into the IN jack, the slew mode automatically retriggers to create a trapezodial LFO waveform. In decay mode, a gate produces a decaying envelope to drive percussive patches.

$192.00 USD
  • DS Wrote: It's INSANE. I don't know if there's anything equivalent going elsewhere. It's very Serge I'm thinking. Already planning to get another one.
  • BK Wrote: The Euro world has nothing on Roger.
  • MP Wrote: I started with "Well, I don't see anything different on the SH++". Then I watched your absolutely awesome video and ... and I'm off to fill out the quote form. BRAVO!
  • MZ Wrote: That's the perfect balance of feature density.

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