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Box1,2,4 Controller Cabinets

Box-style cabinets are low-profile for holding controller modules or other modules. Mount them to your keyboard controller or use stand-alone, even on the floor as a foot switch.

Box1,2,4 Controller Cabinets by

Power the Box1,2,4 with our desktop QPS4 or QPS5 power supplies, or from a cabinet using our standard DC power connectors and QIC cables. Two power connectors are provided to allow daisy-chaining with other controllers and cabinets.

Available in 1,2 or 4 spaces.
Internal module power harness and module mounting screws are included.
Wooden sides and blank panels sold separately.

QCB1 (Box1):  $60.00 USD
QCB2 (Box2):  $65.00 USD
QCB4 (Box4):  $75.00 USD
QCKB-SS-W Walnut Sides (each):  $25.00 USD
  • AS Wrote: I received my Box11 system yesterday and have to say that I'm blown away with the quality of design, workmanship and great took me ages to get it out of the bubble wrap! I was like a kid at Christmas. Any idea how long the huge grin on my face is going to last?
  • External Connectors: 2) 6-pin Female DC power connectors.
  • Width:  Box1=2.125", Box2=4.25", Box4=8.50"
  • Length:  8.75"
  • Depth Inside below panel: 2.375"

Typical power components needed for this cabinet are:
1) QPS4 Power supply for stand-alone operation
1) QIC Power cable to share power from another cabinet

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