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QPS4 Power Supply for 11 Spaces

QPS4 Power Supply for 11 Spaces

The QPS4 desktop power supply provides power for a Box11 cabinet, a Portable 11-space cabinet, both of which have internal DC power harnesses. The QPS4 can also power keyboard controllers, wheel controllers and Box1,2,4 cabinets.

The QPS4 does not offer a power switch or external fuse - those functions can be provided with a common power strip.

For Box11 systems larger than 2 cabinets, it's better to use a QPS5 power supply.

For a precise measurement of power required for your system use our Spreadsheet or SynthInvent.

Learn all about power systems and see these Power Supply Warnings

$80.00 USD
  • Size:  2.6"w x 4.25"l x 1.5"h.
  • Weight:  2 pounds.
  • Mounting:  Desktop.
  • DC Power Connector:  6 pin male circular DIN
  • DC Power Output:  +15V@250ma, -15V@250ma, +5V@750ma.
  • AC Input:  Universal 110-220v.
  • AC Input Connector:  IEC C13 connector (male). Non-US user provides AC power cable.
Specifications subject to change.
  • Joan R. Wrote: Seems very logical now that I look at it closely.
  • Ted Wrote: Even your power systems are modular plug-and-go deals, lov it!

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